Aside from using the grey key-hole shapes, I'm looking for a Lego-standard or best-practice method for building a circular Lego staircase?


  • 6-8 studs "wide" (from the center to outer edge)
  • Sturdy, play-able construction
  • Connects at either 90 or 180 degrees to a floor.

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There's a brick-built spiral staircase in the Pet Shop:

enter image description here

That's definitely the most common way to do it. You just build up around a central point. This can be expanded to use longer or wider steps:

Staircase from LEGO.com LDD gallery

enter image description here http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/267772

You can also use 2x2 turntables if you need more strength and/or larger stairs:

enter image description here http://www.popscreen.com/v/6UIWz/Tutorial-Lego-Spiral-Staircase

  • In the last case, since the rotation point is centered on the plate, it means you can attach steps one to another easily, either at the end (replace the 1x2 tile by a 1x1 tile and a 1x1 plate on which the next step is attached) or closer to the center if you prefer. Note however that this fixes the angles and that it probably won't be exact at the end of the stairs.
    – Joubarc
    Commented Feb 14, 2013 at 8:19

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