I have an NXT brick that will always shut down after 5 minutes. No, it is not the sleep timer. Documentation from the NXT Hardware SDK, page 17, states that if the ARM7 processor does not send back communication to the AVR microcontroller within 5 minutes of power up, it will shut down the ARM7. Here is the message: "\xCC" "Let's samba nxt arm in arm, (c) LEGO System A/S"

Has anyone had a 5 minute shut down problem not solved by resetting the sleep timer and have you solved it?

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    Is this "five minutes" measured while a program is running, or from the beginning of the NXT brick startup? – shea Oct 22 '13 at 6:34
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    You might want to try updating the firmware on the NXT brick. – bsaat Jan 8 '14 at 21:59

I did not have that problem but I checked that error from programmer's perspective. The source seems to originate here athough it can be also found mirrored on GitHub where the complete package can be downloaded. After short analysis of few files it looks that the message you quoted is sent on re-initialized link (connection). The link is reinitialized automatically if its state is either uninitialized or failed.

If you can observe exactly the same time till each failure, then it looks this can be rather software issue than a hardware one. It can be still related to what you wrote in the question (one end of the link shut down after 5 minutes) or it can be related to some other software-based conditions. Try with trivial scenarios first. Also ensure that the firmware of all involved devices is up-to-date.


I finally figured this out... It's broken!

Fried. Saw one do this after getting dropped. Never worked correctly again.

Sorry, man. Buy a new one, I guess. Nothing to be done here.

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