There are other questions that list the differences in the retail and educational version but I cannot judge which one I should buy (educational or retail).

I am buying Mindstorms for the first time, The educational kit looks more appealing to me as it has more parts, gyro sensor (I need this) and it is also $10 less than the retail version.

I am 27 year old and want to buy the best value for money and one I can get most out it. Any add-on suggestion will be also great as it is not available in my country and I would like to buy most of the stuff in one go.

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Note that the Education version doesn't come with any software - if you want to use the full features of the Education EV3 brick (mostly around Data Logging), you will need to purchase the Education version of the software - thus making the price about £70-85 higher (which may still be cheaper than purchasing the Retail edition and adding the extra components).


Edu version is better. You can use Home software with it and it has more and better sensors (2 touch instead of 1 and ultrasound instead of infrared). It has better mechanical parts - better tracks and metal ball to use as third wheel.

It is also cheaper for some reason.

  • I believe it's cheaper because originally to use all the sensors you had to purchase the Education version of the software as well... I believe the more recent updates to the home software now support the additional sensors in the kit, so it's just the data logging you're missing out on. Commented Dec 29, 2014 at 21:34

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