Recently I have found Nanoblocks, a Japanese brick toy, in American stores. How compatible are these with other building toys? They look to be approximately the same scale as Modulex.

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    they sure don't look the right size :P mynanoblock.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/slide-11.jpg Edit... oh wait that's the "mini" series Oct 25, 2011 at 21:03
  • No, that's what I'm asking about. They appear about the same size as Modulex (although I've never used Modulex), and AFOL are a creative bunch - I wouldn't be surprised if someone figured out a way to integrate them with regular LEGO bricks as well.
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    Oct 25, 2011 at 21:06

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It appears that the goal of the nanoblock producers is to make "the world’s smallest toy building blocks"1. And they appear to be too small to be compatible with LEGO. See the following video comparisons of the sizes.



1. http://www.mynanoblock.com/site/?page_id=2

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    Obviously they aren't going to fit right on top of a LEGO stud. But the question is about generally compatibility - for example, are they compatible with Diablock (for which there are LEGO-compatible adapters)? Are they compatible with Modulex, which is a Lego Group product incompatible with standard LEGO bricks but at the same scale? Are there any LEGO pieces which will serve as a hacky adapter?
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    Oct 26, 2011 at 10:00

I can attest that Nano bloks (left) are not the same scale as Modulex (right).Nano blok and Modulex


enter image description here enter image description hereDuplo = compatible with normal Lego even though 2× the size as has hollow stud. Tube of normal 2×2 fits inside. Nano blocks 2×2 being 1/2 size of normal fit with a brick having a hollow stud, e.g. 1 round or 1×1 with holder. But Kawada Nano Blocks don't use tubes, so not fit like this when other makes do. Guess that Nano Blocks' plastic = 1/2 as thick, could only attach Lego by over hanging a corner with it touching the 2nd stud. I've just got some 1/2 size bricks, don't know what brand, can attach under Lego ×2 by having 1/10 on 1 side & 2/5 on the other. Edge of System Lego fits between 2 studs, so can trap between brick & tile.

They also fit end of ×2 Modulex by 2 studs on a corner, if both ends of 2×5 then can join the 2 with nano. Duplo, need to miss every 3rd to avoid the ribs.

Tenté, thinner walls & bigger stud than System Lego, tight fit, not holding when not reaching the edges.

Photo, arms & legs of Lego, head & torso of Nano Blocks. 2nd is Nano Blocks on Lego 1×2's with 1 stud (at 90° to each other) & then Modulex on top.

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