I have some LEGO winches/strings with hooks.

picture of winch

Putting these away inevitably results in tangled strings (the next time I take them out). Even winding them up doesn't help.

Storing these in drawers and/or shelves is not an option for me. I keep most of my LEGO collection in a LEGO Star Wars box.

Is there some way I could build other bricks onto these so they won't unwind?

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I take 2 of these: 1x4 with holes

Place 2 pins in the holes Technic pin

And then sandwich the loop of string between.

It works well and you likely have the pieces lying nearby.


i've put mine into one of these little film-cans:

film can

very simple, but effective: that way they're easy to find and can fly around in a big LEGO-box with all the other bricks without getting tangled.


You could try wrapping the winch in a rubber band to prevent it from becoming unravelled.

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