After looking around on the Lego Education website, I failed to find the price of the education software. I currently have the retail version of the software, but I want the extra features and blocks in the education version. Does anyone know how much the education EV3 software is?

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The LEGO Education website does indeed not list prices, as you have to go through a distributor and get a quote there.

However, it seems that LEGO acts as its own distributor in the United States, which is slightly confusing, especially considering it's on a separate website: http://www.legoeducation.us/. There you can get prices, and you'll see a single-user license costs 99.95$ and a site license is 399.95$ (not sure how many installations that covers, though). Of course, outside of the United States you have to find a local distributor and request a quote.


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