I managed to establish a wifi connection with the Ev3 Brick via WinSCD and am programming the Ev3 with XamarinStudio/Mono Develop(http://xamarin.com/studio "XamarinStudio"). My problem is that "The type or namespace name 'Brick' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)" The Code is:

var ev3 = new Brick <TouchSensor, IRSensor, ColorSensor, ColorSensor>("wifi");

as you can see at the screenshot below...enter image description here


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You need to be using the standard MonoBrick Communication Library if you want to connect remotely to the EV3.

You would then need to have the following using statement at the top of your code:

using MonoBrick.Ev3

I believe you are referencing the MonoBrick EV3 Firmware which doesn't need to connect to the brick as it is the brick.

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