I know this question was asked in the past, but I want an up-to-date answer.

What is the best way to program with the NXT with a oriented object programming language? Ideally C#, C++ or Java (maybe Python).

I've search a bit, but I have difficulty to find what is popular today.

I'm really interested in Mindstorms, but I don't want to program with boxes.

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When we did NXT programming in university we used NXC (http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/nbc/) as our primary language.

This is a C-stlye language, not exactly object-oriented, but seeing that NXT programming is practically equivalent to microcontroller programming, C is much better suited to this task in my opinion. In C you get a much clearer main loop that controls your robot, and I can't really see what benefits would object orientation bring to a platform that is clearly restricted in both input/output capabilities and computational resources.

But if you really need object oriented design, take a look at LeJOS: http://www.lejos.org/

  • The last update of NXC is 2011, I'm not sure it's still maintained. LeJOS seem to be updated frequently, I'll probably try this one. Thanks
    – DarkPixel
    Commented Apr 26, 2014 at 0:02

You can use C++ with c4ev3, also available as Eclipse Plugin.

If you are ok with sending the commands remotely, you can even use any language that supports popen() like functionality, (which includes every useful language out there, with some bash-fu even Brainfuck). Check out moveEv3.pl.

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