Can someone please identify the pieces in this picture? I'd like to acquire these, but I'm not a LEGO enthusiast, so I don't really have an idea where to start.

enter image description here

For reference, the picture was taken from this video.

  • Obviously, they'll have been glued to remain in that configuration - as the cheese slopes won't have anything to hold them otherwise. Commented May 12, 2014 at 12:07

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These are all fairly common parts that shouldn't be hard to find. It looks like they are a cheese slope (50746), a 1x1 tile (3070), and a 1x1 round plate (4073).

1x1 tileround 1x1 platecheese slope

These parts are common enough that they are available in many sets, or you can purchase them separately from LEGO Pick-a-brick. If you're looking for a more affordable secondary market, you could also check out Bricklink.

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