I just got some Rotacaster wheels and want to try building a 3 wheeled Mindstorms omnibot (holonomic robot) and I'm looking for a practical (easy) discussion about writing a driving program. I've found some theoretical papers but need something a little easier to implement. Has anyone here built one and what advice can you give?

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Here is an article that may be useful:



I got also the wheels and found it really interesting... so I wrote an article were I explain all the maths and show you how to build one yourself ( instruction attached ) http://thetechnicgear.com/2014/04/howto-build-3-wheels-holonomic-robot-using-lego/

enter image description here

The code is for EV3 software and I will surely rewrite it for leJOS ( despite there is a class that already does the work ) on the following weeks.


There is an excellent model at Hitechnic, complete with building instructions and example programs. It's for NXT, but shouldn't be very hard to adapt to EV3.

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