Our family (with very big hearts) gave us some LEGO they found. But... I do not know what sets they are from. I already identified 11 sets, but cannot find the last 4 (I think)

Could you please help?

  1. Construction machines

enter image description here

  1. Recycling truck

enter image description here

  1. Girl car

enter image description here

  1. Firetrucks

enter image description here

Please, do not pay attention to the state they are in. I still need to clean them. But I'm reluctant to dismantle them until I know what set they are on ( and have a manual to put them back together) .. yep, I'm a freak ;-)

Please, any hints are welcome.

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I believe that this covers everything:

Construction vehicles:

Recycle Truck (6668)

Friends car (30103)

Fire vehicles:


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