I have to buy Lego Mindstorm kit for some projects. I really have never used Lego before, my friend asked me to consult him about projects (I use micro controllers and make robots from material I found in garage).

  1. Two truck tank with distance sensor to make map of room. Gyroscope sensor to measure angle of slope would be also very useful [fuzzy-logic, A* algorithm, OpenCV if put web camera on top of the tank].
  2. Inverted pendulum [PID controller]. So, it needs encoder and rather high speed motor which can change direction of rotation.
  3. Some crawler (like snake or spider) [models with holonomic constraints].

Now I think about basic educational kit EV3 and I think it doesn't fit. I also can't understand some moments about software - if I buy kit for home use, I suppose I shouldn't but any software.


  1. Which kit can fit? Maybe two kits, three?
  2. Servo is limited in rotation or it can be used as simple electro motor? If no, then which motor can fit?
  3. Can I program using free software (downloaded from site)? C/Java is preferable. NXC is nice to (it looks like C, but I didn't use it before).
  4. How to remote control robots? Should I buy some additional Wi-Fi adapters?



A basic EV3 seems to be enough for most of the basic projects, but you might find yourself in need of a handful of extra parts (gears, beams, etc). The basic kit does not include a gyroscope, but you can buy an extra one separately. The same stands for the ultrasonic distance sensor. The alternative is the educational set which already includes the ultrasonic sensor.

All EV3 sets come with the official software, but for any serious project you should indeed look for a more capable software. For Java there is LeJOS, for C there is NXC. Both are free and open source.

The motors sold in EV3 kits are capable of continuous rotation, but also have position encoders in them, making them capable of moving with 1° precision. For more precision you can always use gearing or other mechanics to reduce movement.

Remote controlling is possible with Bluetooth (built in) or with WiFi (via an external USB dongle).

  • Thank you very much. I've checked there is a gyro sensor in ev3 education core set. – Ivan Ivanov Sep 5 '14 at 14:56
  • If my answer was useful to you, please consider marking it as accepted. Thank you! – zovits Sep 9 '14 at 9:23

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