Is there a LEGO set of a tyre shop (garage)? In other words, a set with play features where tyres could be disassembled by a tyre-changing machine, with a lift for cars or bikes, and other tools for this kind of work?

If it does, please could you give me the set number?


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Assuming you are asking for a set that has play features resembling an auto mechanic's shop, then you have a few options:

The closest is probably 1966 Car Repair Shop.

1966 Car Repair Shop

1966 Car Repair Shop is a 1985 set. It does not feature a lift, but it does have a jack, and includes a wrench (and other play features) that simulate a mechanic's shop.

Another good choice that's still in production is 4207 City Garage

4207 City Garage

City Garage has an elevator lift (no mechanic access underneath it), and it has a mechanics shop, including spare tires and tools to work on the cars. However, it's not as "good" of a shop as 1996.

Lastly, if you're ok with Duplo, the closest set is 3619 Traffic City.

3619 Traffic City

3619 Traffic City features a real working lift and mechanics shop. However, it also features other play features like 4207 City Garage.


There is a new one. It's set number 60097.

lego 60097 garage

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