I have a mini figure that I can't find on the web or any where else (I also don't have any instructions for it). Not sure where it came from but I found it in a pile of lego at home that I collected years ago.

Can someone please tell me what number these 'pieces' are or tell me what lego set this came from. That would be great!

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this appears to be Robot Devastator 4 - Red Eyes enter image description here

from the following sets

8101-1:Claw Crusher or 8107: Fight for the Golden Tower or 8112: Arachnoid Stalker or 8115: Dark Panther

Partlist for Devastator

Bricklink part list


That figure came in quite a few Exoforce sets a few years ago in both silver and bronze. As far as which sets, I don't recall, but I hoped it helped.


That looks like "Robot Devastator 4", which came in red-eyed and regular versions.

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