I am a student. I am working on a science project using LEGO Mindstorms robots enhanced with NXTbees creating a mesh network.

My engineering mentor has me using LabVIEW. I am trying to find a block that can combine a movement program (senses a block in the robot path, stops, then change direction) with NXTbee radio.

I want the NXTbee to override the Bluetooth in the LEGO Mindstorms program. I have tried a number of avenues seeking help, but they haven't worked out. Can anyone help?

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There is a LabVIEW block for the NXTBee. For example, here is a tutorial from the manufacturer.


For mesh you will need the series 2 XBee's I think. It is doable by putting the series 1 to broadcast mode, but series 2 can do real mesh.

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