I am wondering what the biggest LEGO one piece wheel is? (the inside part and the rubber part counts as one piece in my world)

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    See also the related question: What are the largest Technic-compatible tires on the market? - although that is specifically asking for tires. – Zhaph - Ben Duguid Feb 16 '15 at 10:07
  • Am I the only one that noticed they never specified Lego wheel? I think some absurd answers are in order. ;) – JohnnyB Aug 31 '19 at 8:19
  • I noticed. I also noticed your answer. ;) – SkyPaul Sep 1 '19 at 12:41
  • @Zhaph-BenDuguid, Thank you for removing my post from this thread. I agree it was not on topic. I am new here and will not do it again. Also I apologize for using a comment to respond but I cannot figure out how to send a message to another user. I am really new. – Dan1138 Sep 2 '19 at 21:58
  • Well, got a few laughs out of it before the edit. Harmless fun, apologizes for any feathers ruffled. – JohnnyB Sep 2 '19 at 23:49

Pretty sure it's Hailfire Droid Wheel.

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