I'm a great fan of the BIONICLE series. My oldest sets were the Bohrok from Wave 1 part 2, as I'm calling it.

Seeing as how I haven't posted here yet, I'm going to ask for a comprehensive compendium of those old pieces (what is the part name for Tahu Mata's flame sword? Lewa Nuva's twin blades? What's the part name for the Zamor Sphere's holder, as used by the Toa Ignika? The Midak Skyblaster? The zipcord whirly-peg thingus for the spinners?)

I would really appreciate it if I got a reply, or better yet, got more people interested in BIONICLE.

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You will find most LEGO pieces, including those that are specific to the Bionicle theme on Peeron. For example here are your particular mentions:

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