I'm making a program which is very complex and large but it does not contain any Arrays in it. Weird thing is, last night it worked fine but today when I downloaded the exactly same thing into the EV3 it shows a triangle with exclamation mark symbol with orange status light.

This happens halfway when it tries to run a switch with a Logic Variable. Occasionally I would get a "VM Program Instruction Break". Any idea how can I solve this?

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UPDATE: It turns out there was a compiler issue in the EV3 desktop programming software. LEGO has released a fix in v1.2.2 of both the Home and Education versions. Upgrading your software will fix this problem.

Read more about the problem and the fix in this pdf from the Seshan Brothers.


Some suggestions from the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Facebook group:

  1. Too many named loops in your code
  2. Too many blocks in a loop
  3. Try to avoid using too many loop interrupts
  4. A problem with the copy/paste - delete the pasted portion of the program and make it from scratch

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