I'm looking for a library to create a desktop program. It should receive a data from EV3 brick programmed by standard EV3 software.

Currently I consider 2 approaches: 1. EV3 brick sends a bluetooth message, PC receives it. 2. EV3 brick creates a file and writes a data to it, PC reads the file via USB.

It's more convenient for me to use USB because bluetooth is already used to connect to another brick.

I found 2 libraries how to do that, although there are obstacles:

  • monobrick C++ library - allows to read a file, but doesn't allow to connect to the brick via usb
  • Microsoft EV3 API - allows to connect to the brick via usb but doesn't allow to read a file

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The MonoBrick C++ library that you linked is for NXT, not EV3.

You can find the MonoBrick C# Library for EV3 here. It works with USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can manipulate files.

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