I have just finished building a simple LPE, but have no means to power it. I live on a farm and have access to a small air compressor, would that work?

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Since the compressor produces compressed air, it would certainly work, given you build adequate fittings and take precautions against overpressurization.

LEGO pneumatics have been tested to withstand as much as 8 bars or 120 psi, but you definitely should plan with safety margins. If your compressor can produce higher pressures, I'd suggest building in some kind of release or auto-shutoff valve to prevent damaging the LEGO parts.

  • A battery of Coke-bottles pressurized to 8 bars with an outlet via a filter- and relief-valve adjusted to 3 bars might be a good idea.
    – Niels
    Aug 28, 2015 at 8:31

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