I have a design I want to replicate into a minifig. I also want to add additional accessories to it (i.e. a calculator and glass beaker). Is there a place I can order online to get this done? Is there even such thing? One of the place I visited said it's difficult to fulfill small orders due to the cost of printing. Other places require you to select their pre-designed parts.


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There are a few options, however many of them either use standard parts, or require minimum order quantities (Minifigures.com for example requires a minimum run of 50).

A couple of options for bespoke, one-offs seem to be:

Of the two, I've seen Minifigs.com at shows and the quality is very good, and the price seems reasonable (especially for the engraved options which don't require a set-up fee).

Alternatively, as suggested in this answer, you could look at doing it yourself with water decals and varnish, depending on your art skills.

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