I've been happy to see LEGO came out with a way to display the myriad of minifigs out there:

minifig case

And I was also very happy to find that I can hang these on the wall with the convenient eyelets on the back:

back of case

Yet despite earnestly searching I can't find anybody that has created a template for installing these. How far should the screws be apart? How far apart should the holes be if you want stack them like so:?

stacked cases

I'd prefer a printable template that I could drill through, but if you have measured these accurately that'd be a good start.


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Since no answers were given for two days, I'll convert my comment to a full answer:

If you haven't found anything yet but have access to a photocopier, you could try making a copy of the back side that contains the eyelets. The resulting print will be a 1:1 paper version of the back side, which you can tape on the wall intended for hanging the cases and drill through the images of the eyelets: example demonstration using a power strip

Be sure to align the sheet correctly, using a bubble level or such.

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