I'm still trying to follow the instructions mentioned in my last question, and I came upon this image: harness piece.

Does anybody know what piece/pieces that/those are on the right? (I know the # for the pistols.)

Also: the wings on the right: wings. All the wings I found either had holes for pins or were too big.


It's 30191 Strap 12 M:


This is listed as x169 on Bricklink and Peeron, and is also called a stretcher holder, as that was it's original use when it was first created in 1998:


Edit: It's acceptable and even preferred to post new questions to identify new parts. With that said, the wing part in your updated question is 15082 Animal Wing with Shaft:


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  • any ideas for the wings in my updated question? – Max Isom Dec 6 '15 at 23:37
  • Thanks! It looks like Brickset has better fuzzy searching, I'll have to try that next time. – Max Isom Dec 7 '15 at 15:03

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