I ordered a couple of tiles from bricklink.com, but they arrived a bit dirty. I'd like to make them look shining new before using them for my creation. Is there a quick and reliable way to do it? enter image description here


Check out this previous question. There is a solution called "retr0brite" in which you make a chemical compound that you apply to the yellowed bricks, leave them exposed to light for a while, and the bricks will come out clean white. However, I have recently read (but cannot find the link right now) that this retr0brite method might not work forever, and that with reapplication the duration of the whitening reduces every time.

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Yes. I like to clean my LEGO bricks with warm water and a washcloth. If it is dusty, it will come right off. If it is dirt it will take a couple seconds of rubbing gently to get it off of the LEGO bricks.

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