Are the wheels from Duplo set 10558 compatible with the railway bridge set 3774?

I have a number of older wheel bases that are too large for the bridge. According to Brickset, the wheels in set 10558 have the same design number as parts from 20 years back but the design is visibly different with small embossed details on the side of the wheel. Also the wheels on pictures seem a little bit narrower than my older wheels.

Can anyone confirm whether the wheels are indeed narrow enough for climbing the bridge?

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No, the wheels are too wide. You'll have a similar problem with the DUPLO points as well.

If I recall correctly, the wheel base on the trucks is too long for the DUPLO track corners as well.

You'll need one of the trains from 10507 or 10508 to use that bridge.

Sadly my kids have outgrown their DUPLO and it's now at the back of our loft otherwise I'd post a picture (and confirm the issue with the corners).

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    Thanks, you prevented me from buying the wrong Christmas present for my youngest kid!
    – Shadocko
    Dec 14, 2015 at 16:23
  • Well, all LEGO's good, but some is clearly better than others ;) I've seen similar disappointments with other "trains" that have those chunky wheels for the trucks - depending on the way you are going, you may be able to get a second-hand set of 5606 - My First Train that had the right wheels but no tracks, but if you were thinking of getting the bridge to go with an existing set, then sadly you're probably out of luck. Dec 14, 2015 at 16:52

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