I'm just wondering if I can get replacement piston rods for my Emerald Night, since the rods are easily the least impressive part of the model. I'm wondering if there is a form of kit that can make the rods look more like one of a real train? (Shown Below)

Real Train Piston Rods

Also, anyone have a fix for the jamming issue? I think I have a temporary fix but I'm not sure.

  • Can you describe in more detail what you mean by "the jamming issue"? Dec 15, 2015 at 17:54

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There is a Bricklink store that sells custom-made train driver rods. I've never bought any so I can't speak to the quality. There are supposedly limitless varieties possible but given that you're looking for one that matches a set you should be able to find some already-made for that set.

enter image description here

Regarding the jamming issue, the most common problem is when the wheels aren't properly quartered. When building, the pin holes for the pistons on one side should be at 12:00 (top) and on the other side at 3:00 (front). This helps prevent jamming.


I found building instructions for a BR 23-001-L that has a more realistic look on the pistons.


BR 23-001-L

Here is a pdf tutorial on what to think about when modelling steam engines in LEGO. There are pictures of different examples that has various solutions for pistons.

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