According to this article from 2014, the cost to buy the entire LEGO® Star Wars collection since 1999 would have been just under $15,000 USD ($14,762). I assume the price mentioned in this article is calculated based on original MSRP, not inflated resale or in-store sale values.

Using MSRP as the baseline for all sets across time, what would the current sum total be of the entire Star Wars licensed collection?

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According to data collected from Brickset, the total MSRP of all Star Wars sets to date is $18,933.76 USD. This includes a total of 508 sets. I simply used the CSV export feature on Brickset to put this together.

Here's the raw data if you'd like to explore it further:


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    I did not realize there was a CSV option like this, super useful. +1 and accepted! I'd give you more upvotes if I could for providing that raw data for review as well! #TIL
    – Courtny
    Commented Dec 16, 2015 at 15:46

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