I recently watched the UK Channel 4 documentary 'Inside LEGO At Christmas' and in it, one of the employees of Bright Bricks showed a tall 1x1 element that he described as a brick that Lego came up with for The Lego Movie set.

It can be viewed on YouTube here @7:17

  • Is this element included in any commercially available sets?
  • Is it indexed on Bricklink?

I have done several web searches for other references and also searched Bricklink but have been unable to find any other information about it.

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The Piece of Resistance enter image description here

can be found in 11 sets

bricklink link


The piece that Syberion linked to in his answer isn't entirely correct. While the Piece of Resistance in the LEGO Movie sets is similar to the one seen in the movie, the actual piece didn't have the square hole. (That was used in the sets based on the movie so you didn't need to actually glue the piece to the minifigure!)

It doesn't look like a "real" 1x1x2 piece has been used in any sets yet. 1x1x3 ones have, and obviously 1x1x1 ones, but not the in-between size.

  • I think the accepted answer is technically correct according to the details of my question since I was trying to identify the actual element shown in the C4 show which did have a hole, as it was the commercial available element. However, I take your point that the actual element from the Movie does not have a hole and is not available in any sets. Thanks for the extra info.
    – mcqwerty
    Commented Jan 18, 2016 at 17:25

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