I think something is wrong with the email I use and for whatever reason i didn't get the email with the order details after I ordered. I quadruple checked that I got the email right before I typed it in but didn't get the email all the same. I would like to track my order but because I did not get the email I do not have the order number.

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Just to clarify: this forum is manned by Fans of LEGO, not by the LEGO Group themselves.

That said, LEGO order confirmations sometimes take a little while to arrive (a couple of hours). You can always check your order status online (if you were logged in to shop.lego.com and/or have a VIP account), the US-based Order Status page is here.

Finally, if it's been longer than a day, call LEGO Customer Service. The US number is 1-800-835-4386 (check the LEGO website for your local access number if you're not in the US).

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