In this image there are two army guys guarding:

enter image description here

But where were they bought? I'm curious to know where to get them myself.

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I'm well aware the minifigures and weapons are custom made, but I'm more curious where exactly to get the same pieces. I will probably find the weapons on some Brickarms seller (for me: Minifigforlife), but I don't seem to find the same minifigs. Any chance I could get either a seller or these or list of parts with sellers?

  • The minifigs probably aren't genuine Lego, although the rest might be. I recall reading there's something in Lego company's bylaws, saying that "the Lego man should never be enemical to mankind". Apparently this is why they don't make modern day weaponry for minifigs. Commented Feb 5, 2016 at 23:09

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The minifigures and the guns will be custom made. There are a number of sites that offer custom printed minifigs in military uniforms, and Brick Arms is a good place to start if you're after specific weapons.

The LEGO Group have a policy of not creating "realistic" weapons, although both fantasy and futuristic are acceptable.

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