I've searched on 'rebrickable' for anything hobbit related, but I can't find it.

This is what I'm thinking of:

An unexpected journey

79003-1: An Unexpected Gathering

I'd rather buy a large bucket of 'free for all' lego bricks, that can be made into the Hobbit hole, but I've not found any instructions.

Are there any instructions for a similar structure?

  • You can use the LEGO digital designer to try and build an alternative. It's piece sets are limited, so probably what you've got access to. Once done, it can generate a printable instruction booklet. May be a bit more work than you desire, though.
    – user3911
    Commented Apr 1, 2016 at 20:22

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I have an alternate plan you might consider:

  • Reference: here's the entry for that set on Brickset
  • It looks like there aren't many custom pieces used in this set, as seen in the parts list
  • You could download the actual instructions for the real set, and then just swap out some pieces, removing the color combinations that you don't have

I hope this helps in some small way!

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