I have just recently acquired the new crossbones' hazardous heist, and suprisingly, not even a week went by and my really sweet Black widow figure already has a small crack in her side. Will This damage the whole side? I'm really worried, does anyone else have this problem? How can I fix it?

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I would go ahead and contact LEGO customer service and tell them about this. They will want to know as they have high quality standards and this might indicate a defect bigger than just your copy. Also, they are more than likely to offer you a free replacement figure - keep that one safe and disassembled until the one you have is too damaged.


Depends on where the crack is. If it is near joints like the legs or arms, then probably you should find a way to seal it. Else other than design purposes it won't harm the figure


From experience the only problem from cracks in the side is that the arm is very loose and the legs don't have a good connection to said torso. Otherwise it is just an unfortunate look.

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