I am trying to organize my sons LEGO bricks and we cannot find a book or what these bags go to. Not even sure the bags go together?

Bag 5 has grey pieces and these long red things that look like you shoot them at something.

enter image description here

This bag has yellow wheels and lots of other grey, red and yellow and some black

enter image description here

Bag 2 with yellow and grey and black and little red and maybe two blue also a grey clear windshield piece

enter image description here

This bag has lots of grey light and dark and some red tan and black in it and a couple blue small ones

enter image description here

  • Hello Gwendolyn, welcome to bricks.stackexchange! I've taken the liberty to merge your answers with your original post and flagged the answers for deletion. To your question: it looks like bags 5 and 4 belong to the same set - a Star Wars vehicle - and bags 2 and 3 also seem to belong together but as part of a different set.
    – Phil B.
    Apr 11, 2016 at 2:05
  • Also worth mentioning that you don't have any complete sets - the numbers are which order you are supposed to open them in order to complete the set, so since you have no #1 bags, there isn't really any place to get started with them Apr 11, 2016 at 2:24
  • Ya, these were just random bags I had leftover after organizing. Trying to figure out which sets they go with. I organized about 60 different sets today so it's a complete mess!! Apr 11, 2016 at 2:26

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Bags 4 and 5 are from set 75050-1: B-Wing based on the red Arrow 8M For Spring Shooter, 4211725: Plate 4X6 26 Degrees and 4233485: Brick 1X2 With Cross Hole

Bags 2 & 3 are from 4202-1: Mining Truck based on 4210720: Plate 6X14, 4210794: Plate 6X8 , 4490139: Rim Wide W.Cross 30X20 , 4188313: Coupling Plate 2X2 and 4515351: Plate 4X4 Round W. Snap in combination with the different red parts

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