I am trying to position the LEGO NXT motor exactly at a certain absolute angle:

PosRegEnable (OUT_A);  
PosRegSetAngle (OUT_A, 0);  
Wait (500);                  // to read sensor value  
PosRegSetAngle (OUT_A, 90);  
Wait (500);                  // to read sensor value  
PosRegSetAngle (OUT_A, 180);  
Wait (500);                  // to read sensor value  

My Brick has V1.31 firmware.

When I load this program and run it, it doesn't display any error but the motor doesn't run.

Has someone experienced this before?

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According to the docs (emphasis added):


This function requires the enhanced NBC/NXC firmware version 1.31+

Make sure you are using the enhanced firmware provided with NXC and not the official firmware from LEGO.


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