I've been searching for good resources for especially LEGO Technic. I find the Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide by Paweł “Sariel” Kmieć. The book is very good at explaining things. Beside that one are there any other books that I can learn basic to advanced building techniques of LEGO Technic?


In addition to Sariel's excellent book, I'd suggest Yoshihito Isogawa's "Tora no Maki" downloadable PDF book, and his Ideas books in print. All are full of clever mechanisms, easy to reproduce and integrate into bigger constructions. See http://www.isogawastudio.co.jp/legostudio/toranomaki/en/

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Isogaway Yoshihito is without doubt one of the greatest "Technicians" of all time here are some books of his:


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