I found this question: Lego Mindstorms RCX RIS 2.0 IR tower Windows 7 / Windows XP driver and I wanted to ask if someone found a solution. But due to my lack of reputation I couldn't create a comment asking ... further my system differs to the original post.

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As many of the RIS 2.0 questions here suggest, you may be better off finding a different way of talking to that pedigree of brick.

Virtual machines and other operating systems running other software are your best choices at this time. Running old, unsigned 32-bit drivers on Windows 10 presents a nearly impossible set of hurdles just to push a few bytes to a brick.

I maintain a fork of NQC, for example, and I'm pretty sure I'll never try to get the USB tower part of that updated for Windows 64-bit.

Another option is to find a classic serial tower and use a USB to serial dongle. I've had some success on that on OS X and earlier Windows releases.


I think using a Raspberry Pi device might work well in this situation.

Here is a tutorial on how to install Windows 98 on a Raspberry Pi. https://magpi.raspberrypi.org/articles/run-windows-98-on-raspberry-pi-with-dosbox-x

Then install the old IR software onto that.

Plug IR Tower in and it could work.

I found this tutorial, too. https://minordiscoveries.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/using-nqc-on-a-raspberry-pi-to-program-a-lego-mindstorms-rcx-brick/

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