A problem that sometimes occurs during disassembling is an unslotted length-2 technic axle being stuck in some axle hole that is a dead end, i.e., you cannot push the axle out with a longer axle from the other side, e.g., like this:

example configuration

With longer axles, you usually have a better grip and more leverage to get them out, and slotted axles can be grabbed by the slots. But an unslotted length-2 axle may be quite difficult to remove.

Are there any tricks to do this?

  • I usually just use my teeth, though that might not be what you want to do. Commented Oct 11, 2019 at 22:41

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The method I use is not as "purist" as Wrzlprmft's, but it also works. Wrap the exposed section of the axle in a piece of cloth (a T-shirt works well), then gently grab the cloth-wrapped axle with pliers and pull out. The cloth is to prevent any marring of the axle piece, and it also provides a good grip for the plyers. Needle-nose or other small pliers work the best as they give you the most control for manipulating small LEGO pieces.

  1. Take a thin technic beam or plate with an axle hole, preferably in the middle. I like the rotor 2 blade, which already has a firm grip on axles to begin with.

  2. Push it over the axle.

  3. Apply a slight rotating force like this:

    enter image description here

  4. Slowly and straightly pull out the axle (while still applying the force).

  5. Free the axle from the tool with standard means.


For me, I try to use any gears or wheels that is more stiff to pull it out by attaching it with the gear or wheel. If cannot, I directly use a tapered nose pliers with a piece of cloth to pull it out.

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