I have a LEGO Architecture Studio set of 1210 pieces. The set have a book about architecture and techniques but it have no instructions for, e.g. build a pyramid, building or others. So I want to know if exists instructions for this, and where could I find them.

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I don't think so. I've found a few places that show nothing but the original book for it in terms of official LEGO content:

Tom Alphin's book

While it isn't entirely instructions it does include lots of instructions: Tom Alphin's book The Lego Architect. It has been a while since I flipped through it so I just gave it another skim. I'd say that a third to a half of the pages are dedicated to detailed instructions. The rest of it is lovely inspiration so it isn't like filler.

book cover

Brick Architect blog

Tom Alphin also has created a blog that has lots of LEGO architecture designs in it: http://brickarchitect.com/ but I didn't see any instructions there. It is still probably worth checking out for inspiration.

  • Thanks, I´m out of ideas, I've been building many things with this LEGO set, and I wanted to find instructions to try other buildings.
    – AngeLOL
    Mar 26, 2017 at 4:03

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