• Read value from NXT kit using light sensor and show it in the middle of NXT screen.
  • If measured lightness value is less than or equal to 50, right motor will stop and left motor will move with the power of 35.
  • If measured lightness value is greater than 50, left motor will stop and right motor will move with the power of 35.

How can I do this?

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Without solving your homework, you will need at least the following blocks:

for bullet 1

  • Light Sensor
  • Data to Text
  • LCD Panel Display

for bullets 2 and 3

  • Loop (forever)
  • Switch (based on light sensor readings)
  • Motor Block (4 of these, 2 for > 50% + 2 for <= 50%)

And it probably makes sense to put bullet 1 inside the loop of bullets 2 and 3.

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