This week I got a LEGO set gifted and while I was building and unpacking I thought about how the single pieces might come in their respective little bags? I had some fun fantasizing to the point where I'd really like to see the packaging machine.

Id love a video "how its made" style but I only found some on youtube from a LEGO HQ tour showing molding and storage but not the step for pieces from storage to package.

So does anybody know this? :)

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This is a comprehensive walk-through:


The last video shows how parts are retrieved from the shelves, decorated, packaged in plastic bags and put into set boxes. It is probably exactly how you imagined the process :)


The pieces are counted by weight, and placed into the bags which are then heat-sealed. If you are looking for a video, I can recommend one, it doesn't go too far in depth on how the pieces themselves are packaged, although that is part of it (skip to 33:26), but this documentary is certainly a good watch for anyone interested in the manufacturing of Lego:


If you watch How It's Made, there are many on products with similar packaging processes.

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