I was curious and wondering: How many different types of Lego bricks have been produced since the start of the company in 1949?

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    How many different kinds of bricks... or how many bricks in total? An all-time tally of all bricks ever made would probably be in the trillions. – LegoSonicBoy Dec 28 '11 at 8:05
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One source places the number of different types of LEGO elements that have been made at 2,200. It is unclear whether or not DUPLO, Click-its, or Bionicles etc, etc, are included in that count.

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    Where did you find that number? – Ambo100 Dec 28 '11 at 21:40

One source I found mentions that there are around 4000 different LEGO elements.


This link gives a list of every official theme and type up to now. These themes include DUPLO, Bionicle, Znap, and Baby, among the many other wonderful adventures LEGO has offered over the years!

So I counted them one by one. It was tedious. Total listed (spoiler):


But it didn't list the many series under Bionicle, so let's bump that up to:


I really have no idea how our good friends Abdel and Stackings managed to get into the thousands.

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