The Lego Movie does not only feature sharks and lasers but also laser sharks:

Still from the Lego Movie showing a shark with a *frickin’* laser beam attached to its head

However, a Lego shark only has one place where other pieces can be attached and that’s located on its belly. Hence, I am asking: How can I attach a laser beam (or anything else for that matter) to my shark’s head?

In the above still, the shark’s jaw seems to be detached, but that does not seem very healthy and still it only provides little space to attach anything.

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    @Zhaph-BenDuguid: I am pretty sure. I extracted it from the movie myself. It’s in the scene where Metalbeard describes how they tried and failed to enter Lord Business’s tower. (Here it is on YouTube.)
    – Wrzlprmft
    Commented Jul 17, 2017 at 12:02

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The LEGO Agents Speedboat Rescue (8633) set has a set with laser sharks. The set uses a new version of the LEGO shark with two studs on the top behind the head.

enter image description here

Sadly the shark only appeared in two sets, this one and Brickbeard's Bounty (6243) and because of their limited release they are very expensive on Bricklink.

For the original shark you could use a small Technic rubber band (or any small rubber band) to attach a laser.

In the example below, The body of each laser uses a Technic pin joiner, the rubber band runs along the slot in the brick so it's kept in place. The back end of the laser is joined together with a flexible rubber axle connector.

enter image description here

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