I found some books I like, but the book only give pictures of the parts. For example, this one

enter image description here

How can I know the part number (for example in bricklink) from the picture?

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You'll need to start learning the nomenclature for those pieces.

For example the long straight pieces you have there with holes on top are "Technic, Brick 1 x 12 with Holes"

The pieces with rounded ends are lift arms. You can browse through the list of them here or take a stab at their descriptions using the width and number of pin holes. For example the purple on you have there is

  • I find BrickSet a bit easier to browse for parts than BrickLink
  • Alternately you could install LDD (Lego Digital Designer), find the name of the part, and then search with that name

It's good application for android - parts are sorted and easy to fine necessary part.


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