While building many LEGO sets I have noticed that for internal pieces you cannot see when the set is finished; LEGO often chooses mis-matching colors. For instance in the (amazing) Saturn 5 set most of the pieces are of the white, black, gray family. However there are some green/blue internal pieces. Doesn't match the rocket at all. I have noticed the same thing with other sets as well where a random green internal pieces will show up.

Do they do this for a reason? Are they using colors that don't sell well and trying to get rid of them? Going for contrast to help you build?


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Going for contrast to help you build?

This is probably the primary reason most of the time.

One Eurobricks user once said they asked a set designer about it, and they confirmed they do it to makes it easier to follow the instructions:

I had an opportunity some time ago to talk to a designer at TLG, and he told me that they use other colors to make it easier to follow the instructions and build the model.

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