I'd like to know if it is possible to develop C++ software for NXT2 using Visual Studio 2010 as IDE. I know there are small online projects for NXT but I can't find nothing about NXT2.... Any suggestions would be more than welcomed about libraries, software and firmware that is required to achieve this goal: C++ and Visual Studio for NXT2.


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I think that all you might need is the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. The examples that I could find all refer to C#, VB.Net, or the included VPL languages but there isn't any reason you wouldn't be able to reference the same objects from managed C++.

It does look like there might not be a full set of services for all of the more recent parts judging from some of the comments in one of the examples that I saw, but the author of that article does have a few other notes elsewhere.

After installing and playing around with it a bit myself, I did find a link to the MSDN documentation for using NXT with MRDS that you can look through before you get started. (I wasn't able to give much of it a try yet because I'm out of batteries with my NXT brick.)

Beyond that a Google search for "mrds nxt" found the following likely useful items:


There are some answers to this on Stack Overflow: C++ OOP Library for Programming the Lego NXT

NXT++ is the best choice with dual USB/Bluetooth support. The C++ communication library has more features, but it's Bluetooth-only.

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