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I'm trying do make simple program. Two motors, two touch sensors. Sensor one increases speed, sensor two decreases.

The whole program works very well but only with one sensor. When I put some logic that has "Wait for sensor two" brick it just fools around.

The algorithm is very simple:

  • Variable i - counts times sensors being pressed
  • Variable Znak (eng. sign) causes variable i to decrease if negative or increase if positive.
  • Motor speed is calculated by multiplying i by 10.

How can I solve this kind of problem?

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I found an answer. I read in a book that I can't fork in a loop. But I can do up to 4 separate threads. So I did 3 threads:

  1. Running/changing motors speed based on a variable "i" which is changed in other threads.
  2. Waiting for a touch sensor A being bumped and increasing var "i".
  3. Waiting for a touch sensor B being bumped and decreasing var "i".

3 threads

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