I think I have a couple of sets I'm trying to put together for my son that were my brother's when he was young. Probably from around year 2010 or earlier. Looks like a black castle or dungeon. Also with gargoyles and broken wire cells. Also have large rock platforms and rock walls. Please help. I've searched and can't even find the pieces online.

enter image description here enter image description here

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It looks like you have some Mega Bloks sets.

I can't say for sure if these are sets you have, but I found similar pieces in these sets:

Dragons Battle Gate

Dragons Battle Gate Picture

Portal of Fire

Portal of Fire Picture

I don't know of any resources for non-LEGO instructions.


Red cannons from second foto from mega bloks pirates: Shark escape, Plunderer's port. Gold cannon was in many sets: Mutiny isle, Captain cutlass' stormstalker, Port royal

More dragon sets: Tower, Warriors fortress, Sorcerer's lair.

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