I'm trying to plan a DUPLO train track layout to order but I currently don't own any pieces. I'd like to include a bridge like the one in set 3774, but I'm unsure if it will fit my layouts.

Can anyone tell what's the length of the bridge (it seems to be made up of parts 6393 and 6392, two of each) in DUPLO studs?

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    From the looks of it (by inspecting the image on Bricklink), the red bridge girder is 10 Duplo studs long.
    – Phil B.
    Dec 22, 2017 at 1:50

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Based on the layouts from this answer, a half-bridge seems to be 2 straight tracks + 1 quarter-circle (split mid-track at the end, because the middle of the bridge is centered with the crossing track below it).

From this guy's measurements, a quarter-circle of the newer DUPLO tracks is about 18x18 studs. Straights are 8 studs long.

So, a half-bridge should be 32 studs (16+8+8), or 4 straight tracks. The full bridge would be 64 studs, or 8 straights.

Note: I don't have the pieces to confirm these measurements.

Note 2: I now have the pieces and can confirm these measurements, as shown in the picture below. bridge compared to 8 straights

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