I have LEGO Mindstorms NXT 9797 and downloaded the following Windows PC Versions:

  • NXT Edu 2.1F6 PC App ---Education Version
  • NXT Ret 2.0F5 PC App ---Home Version

Which one of these are compatible with Windows 10 home version 64bit?

Is EV3 software a better choice for this one?

Your guidance is highly appreciated.

  • No answers? Really? Did you ever find out?
    – Wendy
    Commented Sep 9, 2018 at 16:16

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You're in luck; All versions of the NXT software, including drivers, is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10. While in my experience it wasn't necessary, you can preemptively avoid installation problems by right-clicking "Setup.exe" and clicking Properties -> Compatibility -> Run in compatibility mode for: -> Windows XP SP3 . In the same panel you should select "Run as Administrator" to avoid permission problems.

While the EV3 software is backward-compatible with the NXT, the NXT software is a much better option. Certain NXT options are not available using the EV3 software (like bluetooth support). And in my experience, the NXT software is just more stable anyway.

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