I found this little guy here, I remember I already had it in my childhood (~30 years ago).

enter image description here

Could somebody tell me what LEGO family it is?

The grid size is 2x2 LEGO studs, it just fits right onto one Duplo stud. On the inside I see the LEGO logo and the following indication "4 01".

  • The most common term for the "cams" you refer to is studs.
    – chicks
    Mar 13, 2018 at 12:54

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Seems to be 4224c01: Basic Figure Finger Puppet Female (bfp001)

enter image description here

It appeared in two sets: 1050-1 Basic Pack (1986) and 1089-1 Lego Basic Figures (1985)

Edit (thanks to @Mark comment):
While Brickset list only 2 sets with this figurine, BrickLink lists 25.


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